We produce liquid, pasty and putty-like products on behalf of our customers. We can produce either according to customers instructions or to our own recipe e.g..

  • Putties
  • Bitumen Mixtures
  • Insulating Oils
  • Floor Coatings (1 and 2 component)
  • Sealants (1 and 2 component)
  • Silicone Compounds for special applications
  • Casting Resins

We are able to use different production techniques as we have many different machinery on hand (e.g. various kneading machines, vacuum planet mixer, dissolvers (with and without vacuum), extrusion, heated and unheated agitating tanks). 

Further we have plants for the weight and volume filling into various packings (e.g. buckets and tins (metal or plastic), bags and double-chamber-bags, cartouches, barrels etc.). 

By the application of the quality management system in accordance with DIN EN ISO 9001:2000 the quality is ensured. In addition also the examination of the individual lots is done in our laboratory.

If you are interested in a detailed offer, we would be pleased to receive your inquiry. Please contact our Mr. Metz.